Morning star (motherscratch) wrote in deathby_glamour,
Morning star

this is glamour?

Name:Gloria Julianna Noto Age:21 Location:Detroit, Mi Sexual Preference:Though i am deathly afraid of the vag, i perfer looking at girls...BUT i prefer boys Boyfriend/Girlfriend? post a picture: Bodymods:(provide pics if you can) i also have other tattoos but no photos, and my ears are 0's also i have a piercing below my lip and my nose Myspace? Link: Favorite Bands: Well i like a lot, like most people...i am into industrial goth, synthpop, that sorta thing, NIN, AFI, VnVnation, Columbine, manson, 60's-the80's depending, anything good...whatever mood i am into Most Disliked Bands (give reasons): Any and ALL pop punk....winey crap Favorite Movies: All Tim Burton, nowhere, doom generation, secil b dimented, waking life,donnie darko, rocky horror, anything that makes me think Favorite Books: running with sissors, perks of being a wallflower, Plato, poe, shakespeare, sylvia plath, 1984, brave new world What do you think about using drugs & alcohol? to each his own About Me (be thorough): i am a makeup artist, i play guitar, i love tattoos and piercings, i love dancing at goth clubs, i like being 21, its fun. I love reading and writing...and i paint. I went to art college for a bit. I am engaged to my boy:) i love finding beauty in darkness...i would love to have a threesome with davey havok and My Ian, and i am sure ian wouldnt mind either. I am into fetish, and corsets..also i make fun outfits and color my hair:) I also find some pain to be Very pleasurable...and i like to kiss girls when i drink...(wow, i sound like a moron, im not, really!) What do you have to say to the mods? i like sara, she is pretty and nice:) Who is the most attractive member?:Sara ofcourse! If you could challenge one member to be kicked out, who would it be? i have no idea, sorry:) Pick one male and one female for Glamour Elite aka: Member Of The Month: [both mods and members] Don't be stupid and use the current elite!!! Male: the mod, Female:Sara Promote: (provide links, of course)xghostworldx Promote in 2 personal journals (as in a comment on a friend's journal):malismypal angelicxeyes Put a banner in your userinfo (if you have myspace, put one on there too):i will try, i am not very good with computers!!! Post no less than 5 and no more than 15 pictures of yourself:
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